1. Big Bear Campground, LLC (Herein “Big Bear”) reserves the right to amend or change rules without prior notice for the preservation, safety, control, and orderly operation of the campgrounds.

2. Swimming pond opens at 9:00 a.m. and closes at dusk, swimming attire required. NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY, SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK! Food and drinks are allowed inside pond area, as long as you clean up after yourselves. NO GLASS, all trash must be removed from pond area when you leave. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. No running, diving or horseplay around the pond. Approved life jackets are to be worn.

3. Pets must be licensed and up to date on shots. RESIDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO CLEAN UP AFTER THEIR PETS ON OR OFF SITE AT ALL TIMES. We do not allow any mess anywhere at any time! Per Ohio Law pets must have complete and current shots and tags. PET OWNERS SHALL PROVIDE BIG BEAR CAMPGROUND WITH A COPY OF PET’S CURRENT RECORDS. Pets are NOT to be left outside at night or unattended inside or outside of your RV at any time. Pets are required to be on a leash and are not to run at large. If your pet’s barking creates a disturbance to you neighbors, you are responsible to stop the problem. If you are unable to follow the rules, your pet may be banned from the park. Pets also need to be on a leash at all times.

4. Campfires must be in designated in fire rings only. Campfires must not be left unattended. On occasion fires may be prohibited due to hazardous fire conditions. NO TRASH BURNING IN FIRE RINGS. All Camp Fire Wood is to be stored in an approved box or shed until ready for use, exposed under your RV is not acceptable.

5. Alcoholic beverages are permitted at this Resort however Big Bear is a FAMILY ORIENTED Park and we ask that you drink responsibly and respect those Residents who choose not to drink alcohol. Drunk and disorderly behavior will not be tolerated and will result in the contacting of local authorities and expulsion from the Resort. No refunds will be given to any Resort Resident or Guest that is removed from this Resort for activities related to alcohol.

6. Noise level must be kept to a minimum so as not to disturb other residences of the park. Quiet hours shall be from 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM and during this time parties shall refrain from excess noise, as deemed excessive by management of the park, or as deemed excessive by law enforcement. The park may extend these hours for park sponsored events, but not to exceed 1:00 AM.

7. Golf carts are allowed if they have factory installed mufflers. Gas or electric golf carts, and other electric driven transportation units may be operated in the Resort. YOU MUST HAVE A CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE FOR EVERYONE WHO WILL BE OPERATING A GOLF CART. YOUR CERTIFICATE MUST SHOW THAT THEY ARE COVERED. All driving laws of the State of Ohio apply inside our resort. All vehicles must have proper lighting and safety equipment, to be driven after dark. Speed limit applies to all. Golf carts are NOT to be operated by anybody without a valid drivers license. All golf carts are required to have there lot number located on both the drivers and passengers side.

8. The Park has a ZERO TOLERANCE for the brandishing, possession or discharging of any weapons or fireworks. Discharge of weapons or fireworks will result in the contacting of local authorities and immediate eviction from Big Bear.

9. The PROPERTY shall be used and occupied for residential purposes and for no other purpose or activity without Landlords prior written consent. Tenant shall not commit any waste to the PROPERTY. The property may not be occupied by more than two (2) adults and (4) children at any given time. Two (2) vehicles maximum per campsite.

10. Clotheslines are NOT allowed.

11. Parents are responsible the safety and actions of their children and invited guests. All children under twelve (12) must be accompanied by an adult, and all children under eighteen (18) must be at their campsite by 11:00 PM.

12. Trash pickup for the property is the responsibility of the Tenant. Dumpsters shall be made available by Landlord, but Tenant shall maintain their property and deposit all trash into the dumpsters. Trash shall be bagged, and shall not consist of non-trash items.

13. Vegetation may not be pruned, cut, added or removed without written approval from Management. It is the Resident’s responsibility to cut the grass at their campsite. Management will cut your grass for a fee of thirty dollars ($30.00) per mowing. Driveway weed must be sprayed and maintained.

14. All use of “public space”, meaning space not rented by any Tenant, but still owned by the Landlord, including, but not limited, ponds, pools, playground equipment, exercise equipment, tennis courts, basketball courts, etc. shall be used at the sole risk of the person utilizing the space. These spaces are provided for residence and guests of residents only and GPR Properties, LLC will not be responsible for any injuries or accidents flowing thereto. Specifically, residents waive said liability, and further will indemnify Big Bear Campground, LLC from any such injury or accident from themselves, their family, or invited guests.

15. No wood structures of any kind are permitted to be built (awnings, decks, fences, etc.) All sheds shall be purchased from a manufacturer of Big Bear.

16. No outdoor refrigerators. Refrigerators may be kept inside of an approved shed.

17. No physical altercations of any kind will be tolerated. “Fighting” as defined as a physical altercation with the intent to cause physical harm can result in eviction from the camp ground upon the discretion of management.

18. All sewer connections must be SCH. 40 pipe and MUST connect to the sewer cap provided by Big Bear. Removal of the provided sewer cap will not be tolerated.

19. No in season watercraft parking is permitted at your campsite.  

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